Pre-course (preliminary)

Because of the Covid-19 outbreak, Giambiagi winter school is temporarily suspended till further notice. We are evaluating rescheduling the school for November 2020

A two-days preparatory course will take place before the School for attendees who require a reinforcement in the basic knowledges related to artifitial intelligence. The course will consist in practical hands-on sessions based on applications of machine learning to neuroimaging data, and will be in charge of Drs. Pablo Polosecki (IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center, USA) and Carla Pallavicini (FLENI-CONICET).

Pablo Polosecki works at IBM Research since 2016. His research involves the development of predictive models of neurological and psychiatric disease from brain images. He graduated with a MSc in Physics in 2008 from the University of Buenos Aires. He later completed his PhD in neuroscience at The Rockefeller University in 2015. During his PhD, he combined functional MRI and electrophysiology to study the neural code for face processing and the control of visual attention.

Carla Pallavicini is a Physics Ph. D. working in Cognitive Neuroscience. She graduated as a Master in Science in the area of Physics at the University of Buenos Aires in 2010. She performed her doctoral fellowship at the same university in an interdisciplinary laboratory, coordinating the Physics and Biological Chemistry departments, where she studied the mechanics and dynamics of the cytoskeleton. During this period she acquired molecular biology, wet-lab and microscopy skills and made protein function and intracellular transport and signalling her main area of study, as well as collaborating in prostate cancer research. She is currently a post-doctoral fellow at the medical institution FLENI in Buenos Aires and an active member of the Computational, Cognitive Neuroscience Lab at the Physics department, UBA. Her work is mainly centered in altered states of consciousness an their neural correlates, with special interest in psychedelic research, employing diverse analytical tools, neuroimaging processing and machine learning techniques. She also is involved in neuropsychofarmacological studies pertaining psychiatric disorders. Recently, she has been accepted as a National CONICET Researcher in Argentina.

We encourage everyone external to the area interested in participating in the XXII Giambiagi Winter School to not limit your assitance based on the inexperience on the usage of these techniques and, instead, to take this preparatory course.